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Missions and activities

The Association des Centres culturels de la Communauté française de Belgique (ACC) is a voluntary non-profit association for those Cultural Centres in Wallonia and Brussels approved and subsidised by the Belgian Ministry of the French Community. The ACC represents 115 Cultural Centres and other associations from cultural sectors.


Promotion and coordination of Cultural Centres

The ACC is an infomration and exchanges platform for the sector of cultural centres. The ACC acts as the interface for Cultural Centres throughout the French-speaking community with the authorities, , other non-profit organisations, the outside world, etc.

The ACC  has particular responsibility for reflection, expert analysis and research into various aspects of the problems that concern Cultural Centres; develops activities to reinforce promotion, coordination and cooperation between Cultural Centres in the French-speaking community and abroad; creates the synergies necessary to make the ACC a partner of choice for the authorities and the non-profit sphere as regards the role of Cultural Centres at the local, regional and community level.

Employer representation

As an organisation representing Cultural Centre employers, the ACC is a founder member of the Confederation of Employers in the Sports and Socio-Cultural Sectors (Confédération des employeurs des secteurs sportif et socioculturel, C.E.S.So.C.).

As such, ACC representatives sit on the following joint bodies:
Joint committee 329 for the socio-cultural and sports sectors and Joint sub-committee 329.02; Social fund for the socio-cultural and sports sectors (4S); Maribel social fund for the socio-cultural sector of the French and German Communities and the Walloon Region.


The ACC supports and assists its members in meeting all their legal and regulatory obligations, offering a range of services (advices, training sessions etc.)

The ACC organises reflection and training sessions for Cultural Centre administrators or professionals, publishes a 2 newsletters (ACC-Express and Infolettre)  and supports Cultural Centre projects via the Ethias ACC initiative. It also sits on the Cultural Centres Commission (Commission des Centres culturels, 3C), on the High Council for Voluntary Belgium (Conseil Supérieur des Volontaires) and on the Union of Cities and Municipalities of Wallonia (Union des Villes et Communes de Wallonie).

The ACC has been affiliated since 2008 to the ENCC (European Network of Cultural Centres).

For further information on our activities and on the Cultural Centres, please contact us on 0032 2 223 09 98 or by e-mail at celine.dambrosio{at}

The team:

Jack Houssa: Chair
Matteo Segers: Director
Vincent Dehin: Legal counsel
Céline D’Ambrosio: Project manager
Rose-Mary Sepulveda-Torres: Administrative secretary
Mariam Mazari: Counsellor

Contact details:
ACC asbl
Rue des Palais 44, Bte 49 – 1030 Brussels
Tél.: +32-(0)2/223.09.98